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Ever wondered what Old Spice was doing decades before they had the man your man could smell like? Or wanted to see how much a company has changed their advertising campaign over the years?

Maybe you like watching old ads for fun. No matter the reason, there’s an amazing advertising resource you can access thanks to Duke Libraries - AdViewsAdViews is a collection of “thousands of television commercials created or collected by the D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B) advertising agency, dated 1950 – 1980.” You can access all of these commercials by browsing here or through iTunesU where they are organized by album and have interviews from experts in the field; all free for download! More interested in outdoor advertising? Visit another one of Duke’s excellent digital collections, ROAD (Resource of Outdoor Advertising Descriptions). Both of these digital collectiosn (and more!) are a part of the John W. Hartman Center at Duke. For more great sales, advertising and marketing history, head over to the Hartman at Duke – thanks to an agreement (TRLN) with UNC, Duke, NCSU and NCCU your OneCard works there!

P.S. Check out ADWeek’s 25 Best Advertising Movies Ever Made!

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