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JOMC 457: Advanced Editing
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Data -- North Carolina

  • N.C.Secretary of StateCorporation Search, North Carolina Secretary of State
    Find contact information as well as incorporation dates for local businesses. Annual reports filed with the state may be available. 

  • Durham (NC) Crime Mapper (eg)
    Data includes arson, assault, burglary, homicide, larceny, motor vehicle theft, robbery, rape. Search by address, police district, or city wide.

Data -- U.S., including N.C.

  • American FactfinderAmerican Factfinder (Census data)
    Census data from the US. Includes 2010 final data. Data broken out by town, ZIP code, county, state, and more. 

  • Statistical AbstractStatistical Abstract 
    Social, political, and economic statistics about residents of the United States. Search for drug abuse statab to find "Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities and Clients: 1995 to 2009," "Drug Use by Type of Drug and Age Group: 2003 and 2008," and more.

Miscellaneous Facts

Your Librarian JOMC Librarian

  • @ your news organization
    News & Observer
  • @ your public library:
    Carrborro / Chapel Hill
  • Make friends with them and call them for things you can't find on your own.

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