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Computers & Equipment

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  • There are 11 Macs in the Park Library.  A UNC ONYEN login & password is required.
  • We have one Bloomberg terminal.
  • Wireless access is available to all with an ONYEN.

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  • Library computers have the Microsoft Office suite installed, so you can use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • If you need the Adobe Design suite or SPSS, check out the software available in the computer labs in Carroll Hall 
  • The Undergraduate Library's Design Lab has Adobe software and is open whenever the UL is open.
  • The Media Lab at UNC Library's Media Resource Center has plenty of useful software as well.

Scanners @ Park Library

  • microfilmflatbed scanner for text and images.
  • microfilm reader/scanner which prints microfilm articles and converts them to pdf.
  • Scanning is free!


  • OneCard ImageAn expense account tied to your UNC One Card is required to make photocopies.
  • Add funds to your One Card online.
  • If you don't have a One Card, go to the One Card office and purchase a guest photocopy card for $5.

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